Michigan Gets First Measles Case Of The Year

Michigan has gotten its first case of measles for 2017. Jennifer Eisner, with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, tells WSJM News the case was in a southeastern Michigan resident who had just gotten home from international travels.

“That really underscores the importance of knowing your vaccination status,” Eisner said. “The measles vaccine is recommended for all children at 12 months of age, and then a second dose later on in childhood, but some adults may not have received that second dose of vaccination.”

Eisner says you should check with your doctor to find out if you ever got that second dose. She notes measles is very easily transmitted, but also easily prevented. Last year, Michigan had one measles care, the same as the year before. However, 2014 brought 5. Eisner said people not getting properly vaccinated was the reason.