Rock Alliance & DHHS Foster Kids of Berrien County Thanks Foster Parents!

Hunter & Benny attended the 2017 Foster Parents THANK YOU Dinner on May 18, 2017. Check out all the great parents in and around Berrien County making a difference for foster children!

“On behalf of the Foster Kids of Berrien County Licensing Team, I just want to extend our sincerest thank you to everyone who was able to join with us last night to honor our amazing foster parents. Your support means the world to our foster parents (and to us) and it is these acts of kindness that keep them going. I know you all have busy lives and bust your butts from 8-5 (and often times longer), so the fact that you all were willing to give up your evening to be there for this event was extremely thoughtful and our team is grateful. We also thank all of you who donated your time and gifts (either donating gift cards, tickets, or baskets, helping with getting foster parents signed up for the raffle, getting our youth speakers there, folding programs, picking up/transporting gifts, or last minute errands). You truly all helped make it a great and special evening.”