Female Genital Mutilation Ban Signed By Governor

Governor Rick Snyder has signed legislation making female genital mutilation illegal under state law. State Senator Tonya Schuitmaker is among the lawmakers who pushed the legislation through in the last session. She tells WSJM News the 12 bill package attacks the practices from every angle.

“My bill prohibits someone from transporting a child to have this procedure carried out.” Schuitmaker said.

Schuitmaker’s glad the governor has signed the ban.

“There’s no medical benefit from having this procedure done, and really it’s just maiming them for life,” Schuitmaker said.

The new state law bans FGM, makes it illegal to transport a young girl for that purpose, and imposes a 15 year term for violations. FGM was already illegal under federal law, and now Michigan is the 26th state to ban it.