Rep. LaSata Signs On To Constitutional Amendment For Budget

A resolution in the state House which would mandate in the Michigan Constitution that the budget be done and sent to the governor by July 1 is now co-sponsored by Berrien County Representative Kim LaSata. The Bainbridge Township Republican signed on Monday as a co-sponsor of House Resolution X, moving up the deadline for the budget from the start of the fiscal year on October 1. In a statement, LaSata says she’s seen the frustrations of not knowing the state budget firsthand as a teacher when it comes to trying to plan for the next year. Under Governor Snyder, it’s not been a problem, as the budget has been finished and signed into law by July 1 every year. However, a decade ago, state government shut down in October 2007 due to a stalemate in Lansing. If two-thirds of the House and Senate vote yes, it will be on the November 2018 ballot. Lawmakers won’t get paid for every day past July 1 that they fail to have a budget agreement in place.