Gas Prices Expected To Approach $3 Per Gallon Soon

Gas prices have spiked again and GasBuddy’s Patrick DeHaan is expecting we could be going up even more to around $3 per gallon in the coming days due to a growing list of problems between the well and the pump. He says it all started with Hurricane Harvey compressing maintenance schedules of refineries in the Midwest, which stayed online to make up for the loss of plants in the Gulf during the storms.

“And now, a lot of refiners that had delayed maintenance are doing maintenance at the same time that others had planned to do it,” says DeHaan. He expects any jump to the $3 level to be temporary and be gone by Thanksgiving, adding “We have a perfect storm.”

According to GasBuddy, the state’s average price stands at $2.69, up 17¢ from this time last week and 56¢ higher than this day a year ago.