Expert Offers Winter Furnace Maintenance Tips

Now that the cold weather is here, you might notice your furnace running for long periods of time without your home warming up much. There are simple things you can do to make sure your furnace is running efficiently. Jack Heron, owner of Haven Heating and Air Conditioning in South Haven, told WSJM News some home heating tips.

“Check your air filter and either replace it or clean it,” Heron said. “We get quite a few calls, especially when it gets colder outside that, first they start running longer and the furnace can’t keep up. So, it’s important to get that checked out.”

Another easy thing to check is on your wall.

“If it’s a digital thermostat and it has batteries, make sure the batteries are good,” Heron said. “If the batteries are bad, it’s not going to send the signal to the furnace to run.”

The type of fuel your furnace burns is important to how often it should be cleaned. Heron says oil furnaces do need to be cleaned more often. For more tips on keeping your furnace running safely and efficiently, call your local heating and cooling company.