Expert Offers Winter Home Maintenance Tips

With frigid temperatures this week, homeowners have a few extra things they need to do to protect their properties. James Oleson with Home Comfort Experts in Mishawaka tells WSJM News freezing water lines are always something to fear. They’re easy to spot.

“Typically what you’ll notice if it‘s a regular house water line, is either very slow or now running water all of the sudden at your bathroom sink, at your kitchen sink, whatever it happens to be,” Oleson said.

Oleson tells us the old standard advice for avoiding freezing lines does apply.

“Just leaving the faucet trickling just a little bit,” Oleson said. “Moving water is less likely to freeze than water sitting still.”

Oleson tells us if you do get a frozen line, you should shut off the water to the house before trying to unfreeze it. If a pipe is cracked or broken, unfreezing the line without shutting off the water could result in water flooding the house. Try to use a hair dryer to unfreeze the pipe. If that doesn’t work, call a plumber.