Allegan Clerk Running For MI Senate


Running for Michigan Senate in the 20th District is a familiar name in west Michigan politics. Former Republican state Representative and current Allegan County Clerk Bob Genetski is hoping to replace state Senator Tonya Schuitmaker when she’s term limited out of office this year. He tells WSJM News reducing auto insurance rates is a big priority.

“Most of us out here are driving in rural areas where there is not a lot of theft,” Genetski said. “There’s not even necessarily a lot of accidents, and then they feel like they are paying rates that are subsidizing Detroit, Flint, or much bigger metro areas.”

Genetski told us he thinks Michigan has greatly improved in the last decade or so, but has a way to go. He wants to help.

“We’re benefiting from a strong U.S. economy and we’ve gotten rid of the Michigan business tax, and we’ve gotten rid of a lot of onerous regulations on small businesses, but there are still a lot of things we can do to make a better Michigan and improve the lives of our constituents,” Genetski said.

Genetski also wants to improve roads, not through tax increases, but by better management of current state resources. Genetski says MDOT doesn’t prioritize properly. Also running for state Senate in the 26th are Democrat Garnett Lewis and Libertarian Erwin Haas.