Upton Talks School Safety

With hundreds of thousands of young people having held demonstrations around the country this past weekend, Congressman Fred Upton is hoping there can be some kind of gun legislation approved in Washington soon. He tells WSJM News he was out there talking with the kids protesting in St. Joseph on Saturday.

“Students, as well as parents, administrators, law enforcement, we all want our schools to be safe,” Upton said. “So, listening to ideas, working with folks to make sure this issue is not swept under the rug was an issue of course that brought out a number of folks across the country this weekend. I was glad to be with them.”

Upton tells us the bipartisan “Problem Solvers” group he is a part of will push for legislation allowing for police to identify red flag signs that a person is too dangerous to be in possession of guns. He says that will be a topic of discussion next week when Congress gets back to work.