Girl Scouts Give Cookies To Veterans

372 boxes of cookies are being given to southwest Michigan American Legion posts by a Girl Scout troop as the girls thank veterans for their service. On Friday, Elise Voglewede and Alexandria Smith from Girl Scout Community 201 stopped by the Y Country Radio studio to hand off 31 cases of s’mores — that’s more than 5,000 cookies — to morning host Matt Malone. Smith told us it’s for Y Country’s May We Say Thank You Tour.

“We donated them so they can take them on the tour and pass them out to service people,” Smith said.

Voglewede said she heard about the May We Say Thank You Tour, which salutes veterans for their service, through the Y Country morning show.

“We just so excited that we’ve been able to help out the people who gave service to our country and so we’re giving back to them,” Voglewede said.

A surplus of the s’mores made the donation possible. Matt Malone told us the first couple cases of cookies would be dropped off at the Berrien Springs American Legion post Friday. Malone says each post will get two cases of the cookies, and he thanked the Girl Scouts for their generosity.

Pictured from left to right: Matt Malone, Elise Voglewede, Alexandria Smith, and Y Country’s Lindsay Kay.