Busy Summer For OK2Say

The Michigan Attorney General’s OK2Say school tip line continues to receive information from students even during the summer months. The AG’s office says 365 tips came in to OK2Say during June, with the top tip category being suicide. That accounted for 122 of the tips. Attorney General spokesperson Andrea Bitely told WSJM News this year that OK2Say is an anonymous way a young person can report a potentially dangerous situation they know about.

“If you report any of these things to our program, then we won’t necessarily reveal your identity, and that makes kids feel better about reporting,” Bitely said.

The OK2Say tip line has received more than 14,500 tips since its creation in 2014. The state is expanding the program in response to the most recent concerns about school shootings. Aside from suicide, the most common reasons for OK2Say tips in June were bullying, drugs, and self-harm.