Clerk Preparing For Elections


Election workers in Berrien County have been busy this last dew weeks preparing for next Tuesday’s primaries. Berrien County Clerk Sharon Tyler tells WSJM News voters should know there are some new machines in place.

“The difference in this election is that we no longer cross the line when you vote,” Tyler said. “[Now] you fill in an oval since we have new election equipment.”

If you’re voting in primaries next week, remember you can only vote in one party’s primary. Don’t try to vote in both the Republican state House primary and the Democratic congressional primary. Tyler says the equipment will tell you if you mess that up.

“If you’re voting live in person, at least the tabulator will let you try again,” Tyler said. “If you’re doing an AV, we won’t catch it, and only your proposal [votes] will count.”

Tyler says the ballots will have three columns — Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian. She notes local proposals will appear at the bottom. The voting next week will be Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can see a list of everything being decided locally at Berrien County’s website.