Van Buren County Water Testing

The Van Buren Conservation District will be doing free water testing for residents next week. The district’s A.J. Brucks tells WSJM News anyone can bring by a sample of their well water to have it checked for nitrates and nitrites.

“In counties that have heavy farm areas, it is found in the groundwater and this is for residents of Van Buren County to be able to come in and just do a screening,” Brucks said.

Anyone who wants to have their well water tested should collect a sample that has not run through any treatment devices. The outdoor hose works well. Brucks says they’ll test the samples at the Van Buren Conservation District office in Paw Paw Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. using simple strips. If elevated levels of nitrates or nitrites are found, they’ll send your sample out for further testing. You can find out more right here.