Fred Upton On The Trump Effect On The Mid-terms, Mueller Investigation

Rep. Fred Upton comments on the possibly toxic Trump effect on the mid-term re-elections and the ongoing Mueller investigation.

There’s a potentially toxic Trump effect that could work against Rep. Fred Upton if voters decide to cast their congressional votes to check the president. Rep. Upton believes the Mueller investigation into Trumps campaign needs to continue. We asked him about that potential Trump toxic effect in this election and whether in good conscience Upton supports this president.

“In any off-year election there’s often a small contingent of folks who want to vote one way or another other based on whoever the president is.

From the beginning of the Mueller investigation I said let’s have an investigation and see where it takes us. And that needs to conclude. I support the investigation to figure out if the Russians really did interfere, to what extent was it.”

Upton didn’t directly answer if, in good conscience, he supports Trump. But he did say that in any administration…

“…There are always folks who sadly aren’t there maybe for the public good that we would all wish them to have. And you need to have the justice wheels turn. I’m not for stopping any of that.”