Minimum Wage, Paid Sick Time Changes Approved By State Senate

Changes have been approved to the state’s new minimum wage law by the Michigan Senate. The Government Operations Committee voted to push back the full implementation of the $12 minimum wage to 2030 instead of 2024, and full Senate passage happened this afternoon. Waitress Tracy Pease says she’s only received a $1 per hour raise in 30 years to go along with her tips.

“This is the only industry that requires the customer to go ahead and pay the balance of the minimum wage,” she argued.

As expected, the committee removed a provision that raises the minimum for tipped employees to the level for other workers. Changes were also approved to the new sick time mandate. Employers would be required to give workers 36 hours of sick time a year instead of the 72 hours that had been approved. Both laws were passed by the House and Senate earlier this year to prevent them from going on the ballot. Had they been approved by voters, it would have taken a super-majority in the Legislature to make any changes. By passing it themselves, they need a one-vote margin to make the changes. The bills now go to the House.