St. Joseph Limo Service Owner Response To State Action


A St. Joseph company offering transportation to and from airports in Chicago, South Bend, Kalamazoo, and Grand Rapids expects to be operating again soon. The state’s Licensing and Regulatory Affiars department issued a cease and desist order on Saturday to Airport Connection, owned by Roger Reddel, because the company wasn’t properly licensed.

“In 2016, they passed a law in regard to limousine (companies) and certain areas that have to be licensed by the state which I wasn’t aware of. I never really paid attention to it, unfortunately,” Reddel tells WSJM News. He says the business was marketed in ads in MailMax with his wife’s firm, Reddel Travel, but the two are separate and the travel side of things remains unaffected by the cease and desist order against his limousine service. He adds another firm in the area got licensed and called to report him for not having the proper state license.

As for what’s next, Reddel says “I’m just waiting to get everything in line. It’s probably going to be about a 30 day process to get everything taken care of, and then we’ll be back in business.” WSJM News has reached out to officials at LARA, but have not received a response.

This is an update from an earlier story.