State Warns About Tax Scams

This is the time of year when tax scams are on the rise. The Michigan Department of Treasury warns scammers are likely to hit at the beginning of the year — right before tax season — so they can get personal information, file fake income tax returns, and steal that money. Spokesperson Ron Leix told Michigan News Network more.

“Scams we typically see from a phishing email where somebody sends an email, saying ‘we’re from either the Michigan Department of Treasury or the IRS, and we need you to provide all of this personal information,” Leix said.

Leix says another one involves a scammer who tries to call someone and threaten them. The state treasury will never call or email for personal information, ask for credit cards over the phone, or threaten to bring in police for not paying taxes. Anyone who believes they received a call or email from a scammer should immediately report it to the IRS.