Possible Changes For Weko Beach

Weko Beach in Bridgman could soon be seeing some changes. For one, Bridgman Parks and Recreation Director Joan Guilfoyle tells WSJM News the beach could be going back to the policy stating dogs are not allowed on part of the beach while on their way to Warren Dunes State Park next door.

“They have never been allowed anywhere else on the sandy portion of Weko Beach Park,” Guilfoyle said. “They were only ever allowed to walk down the boardwalk, cross the sand briefly, and then jump on to the state park property.”

Guilfoyle says Warren Dunes has moved its dog area south and away from the edge of Weko Beach.

“We no longer have access to the Warren Dunes State Park dog beach from our park, so there is now way that people can get on to the dog beach from Weko anymore.”

The updated rules on dogs will be finalized at a future city council meeting. Guilfoyle says she’s also working on improvements for the beach house and cafe while arranging bus service from town to the beach around summer holidays and when there are Sunday concerts. Details are to be determined.