Better Business Bureau Warns About Check Scam

The Better Business Bureau of west Michigan is advising everyone of a scam that involves classified ads published in a newspaper. It says this is a car-wrapping scam that got a Hastings woman. The classified ad promises people can make $300 to $400 per week by simply driving their car. According to the victim, after responding to the email address in the ad, she was sent a check. The instructions were for her to cash the check, keep several hundred dollars, and then forward the rest to a third party. The Better Business Bureau says the check turned out to be fake, and the woman is now responsible for paying back the bank for the full amount withdrawn. Investigators have found the same email address used in the ad was used in others posted in newspapers around the country. Check scams were among the riskiest scams reported to the BBB ScamTracker in 2018.