Fire Department Truck Ceremony Interrupted By Fire Call

The Covert Township Fire Department held a ceremony this week to welcome its new fire engine, and wouldn’t you know it, the ceremony was interrupted by a fire. Firefighters were holding a “push-in” ceremony for new Engine 1921 when the call came in about a fire at a barbershop on 72nd Street near County Road 378. The ceremony had to be dropped while the firefighters rushed to the scene. They were able to protect a nearby home from the blaze, but found a shed engulfed when they arrived. The barbershop also suffered some damage. An hour later, firefighters returned to their station and conducted the “push-in” ceremony. It’s a tradition at many departments going back to the days when firefighters would push their fire wagons into the garage after unhooking them from horses. They still do push-ins on new trucks for good luck.