Matching Grant Announced For Parcourse Project


As renovations continue at the Watervliet Parcourse behind Lakeland Hospital Watervliet, a new matching grant for the project has been announced by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Lakeland Health Foundations Development Officer Mark Libs tells WSJM News the MEDC has offered a match of up to $35,000 for the parcourse’s crowdfunding campaign.

“Every donation right now is essentially doubled through the site,” Libs said. “The great part about it too is that if you would prefer to send in a check or anything like that, we can also count those toward the campaign.”

The Watervliet parcourse is a public exercise area that in the past has featured a 1.1 mile gravel track and some wooden shelters. Work has been going on for the past year to spruce it up.

“What we’re doing now is we have two quarter-mile asphalt tracks that will have four stations on each track, and the stations will have professional-grade exercise equipment in them.”

Libs says the course can be used by anyone during the daylight hours. You don’t have to be a patient at the hospital. The total cost of the renovations will be about $365,000, and so far they have raised more than $295,000. If the crowdfunding campaign reaches $70,000 with the match, the renovations are paid for. The donation page is right here.