Pet Group: July 5 A Big Day At Animal Shelters

The Bissell Pet Foundation is reminding all pet owners to be mindful of their critter’s concerns for today’s Fourth of July celebrations. Bissell’s Bri Olson tells WSJM News dogs and cats often do not enjoy the sound of fireworks going off all night. She suggests allowing a safe space for the dog this evening.

“Just make sure their crate door is open if they do have a crate so they can have a place where they feel safe, like they’re in an enclosed space,” Olson said. “It’s also a good idea to turn on the TV or classical music to try to drown out the noise of what’s going on.”

Olson suggests leaving the cat in a room with a place to hide. In general, she says Bissell recommends keeping pets indoors when there are fireworks being shot off because the pets have a tendency to run. July 5 is a day when intake at animal shelters will often skyrocket because of pets that got lost. Bissell issued the below tips.