DNR Launches Map Documenting Invasive Species Projects

A new online map showing the progress made in fighting invasive species around the state has been launched by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The DNR’s Joanne Foreman tells WSJM News the map gives you a chance to see what’s been done all over the state regarding invasive plants, animals, and diseases since the Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program was created in 2014.

“I think if you go to the introductory page of the map, you’ll see some of the benchmarks that our program set out to reach and how we’ve been doing annually, and largely we have been exceeding those benchmarks,” Foreman said.

Foreman says much of the work to fight invasives is done by regional CISMAs, or Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas. The new map outlines the various invasive species that threaten Michigan, and you can look at your own CISMA’s activities since 2014. You can find the map right here. You can also learn more about invasive species in Michigan right here.