Rep. Wendzel “Relieved” By Budget Agreement Without Road Solution

State Representative Pauline Wendzel is pleased the showdown between majority Republicans in the Legislature and Governor Whitmer is over for the time being regarding road funding. A deal was announced this week that the next fiscal year’s budget will not include the $2.5 billion Whitmer had been seeking for road work, as the leaders were unable to figure out where that money would come from.

“I’m relieved,” Wendzel told WSJM News. “I’m glad to hear we’re finally moving forward. The House and Senate both came out with what I feel were very responsible and great budgets a few months ago. So I’m glad to get our budgets out there and get things moving, especially for our schools.”

Business groups like the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, however, had been pushing the majority Republicans to take action to come up with the money, saying the state’s roads are crumbling too fast and those are costing Michigan jobs. Governor Whitmer is vowing to keep up her fight to “fix the damn roads,” as she campaigned on, and all have agreed to continue the talks.