Medical Marijuana Company Seeking License For Retail Center In Benton Harbor

Nobo of Michigan, LLC, the company that bought the former Alreco Metals property in Benton Harbor with plans to grow medical marijuana there, is now seeking permission to operate a retail location. At a Tuesday meeting of the Benton Harbor City Commission, Nobo CEO Alan Bonsett told commissioners the company is looking to buy 107 Water Street for its provisioning center. They already have an office there. Bonsett said the retail operation will draw traffic into the community.

“The location is centrally located within the town,” Bonsett said. “I think the significance of that is there will be people coming into this community to shop at our establishment, and they’re going to have to come into the middle of town.”

Bonsett says growing medical marijuana is only part of the Nobo plan. They also need a place to sell it. He said the company would hire 60 people right away, with most to work at the growing facility. Bonsett said Nobo is a part of the community now, and wants to work with local charities.

“We going to give a percentage of sales on top of the taxes that are already at play here, as well as local charities. We’ve already been talking with people in the community that have local charities, and we’re looking to participate on that front.”

Commissioners during Tuesday’s interview asked if there would be stock options in the company, and how many jobs would be entry level. Bonsett said Nobo is private so stock options for regular employees would not be likely at this time. He also said about 25% of the jobs would be entry level. Mayor Marcus Muhammad thanked Bonsett, saying he’s glad the company is not seeking tax breaks. Nobo is seeking one of four provisioning licenses the city will award. Bonsett tells us he hopes to hear something new by the end of the month. Meanwhile, Nobo is planning a job fair for the growing facility sometime in the next 45 to 60 days.