Lawmakers Pass Resolution Extending COVID-19 Emergency Thru April 30

Governor Whitmer’s emergency declaration is now extended through April 30 following action by the Legislature today once she signs the resolution passed by the House and Senate. The Senate rejected an amendment by Democrats to extend the declaration by 70 days to June 16.

Senators then unanimously passed the 23-day extension. The House met for just two minutes after spending three hours on roll call, as each individual representative had their temperature taken as they were screened. They quickly followed suit and passed the Senate resolution.

Several lawmakers skipped the session, citing concern about the possibility of contracting COVID-19. Among them was Republican Senator Ed McBroom of the Upper Peninsula, who noted he has individuals in his home who he doesn’t want at risk and Democratic Representative Sherry Gay-Dagnogo of Detroit, who didn’t think holding session during the pandemic was the right thing to do given two House members have tested positive and one has died. No one was allowed in the gallery, and many lawmakers wore cloth masks.

The governor had requested a 70-day extension and contends the state of disaster declared last week had already extended the state of emergency until April 29, and therefore the action taken Tuesday only extended the emergency by a day.