Dyckman Bridge Back Open In South Haven


The Dyckman Avenue Bascule Bridge is now back open for both street and boat traffic in South Haven. The city of South Haven has issued the following statement:

Strain Electric completed the bridge work on Friday, April 24th and City Staff reopened the bridge to normal boat and street traffic.  The raising of the HPU cabinets, which contain the motors to operate the bridge, was done as a precautionary step to help protect the motors from the current and future high waters we are experiencing on Lake Michigan and the Black River.

Strong winds out of the west and heavy rains occurred in late November 2019 resulting in a surge in the Black River for a period of time. This surge caused the river to rise above the bottom of the HPU cabinet doors, which house the motors for the hydraulic system to operate the bridge.  The cabinets are sealed and remained water-tight during this surge event, however staff does not advise relying on the seals for any prolonged period of time.  Since this event occurred, staff has not witnessed the water rise to this level again, but may do so during the summer or fall.

The repairs included fabrication of two stainless steel brackets to raise the HPU cabinets, reinstallation of pipes and wiring, and energizing and testing the system. The total estimated cost of the repairs are $19,380.

The bridge is now operating on normal hours from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.  For more information on the bridge operation schedule, please go to the following: