Detroit Rap Artist Praises Whitmer In New Tune, Gets Her Approval Of “Big Gretch” Name

A new song by Detroit rap artist GmacCash is getting a thumbs up from Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The tune is called “Big Gretch” and got a response from the governor on Twitter over the weekend.

Whitmer said she “loves the nickname” and enjoyed the tune. The song was written and recorded in support of the efforts taken to date by the governor to protect people in Michigan from COVID-19.

Some of the lyrics include: “Big Gretch got ’em shook now. When it’s all over, you’re invited to the cookout” and “She’s doing it for Michigan, so when she hits the stand, everybody should be listening.”

In her Twitter response, Whitmer said “see ya at the cookout” and ended the tweet by saying “Until then, Big Gretch says stay home and stay safe!”