Gas Prices In Michigan Rise For First Time In Nine Weeks

Gas prices are going higher. For the first time in nine weeks, Triple-A Michigan says the statewide average per gallon has risen, up 11¢ to $1.53. The price is still $1.40 less than what we were paying a year ago, and lower than this time last month by 12¢. Of the areas surveyed by the auto club, Flint and Grand Rapids have the lowest prices at $1.49, while Marquette is the most expensive at $1.69. The St. Joseph/Benton Harbor area’s prices are up by 13¢ from last week at $1.50. While not included in the Triple-A survey, South Haven’s prices had been among the lowest in the state. That’s long gone now, going from 97¢ a gallon last Monday to an average of $1.48 according to GasBuddy.