Upton Reviewing House Coronavirus Proposal

The $3 trillion coronavirus aid package introduced this week by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being reviewed by Congressman Fred Upton. He told WSJM News Tuesday he asked that Pelosi work on a package with a chance of passing.

“I’m in the Problem Solvers Caucus and we had a Zoom call with her,” Upton said. “I asked a question, I urged her to be bipartisan, not to include some poison pills that we know could be part of this, that we need to work together. We want a bill that the president can sign, we want a bill that the Senate Republicans can work on too, similar to the last couple of bills that we did.”

An example of a poison pill would be if aid to local and state governments isn’t targeted. Upton says without some Republican support in the Senate, Pelosi’s plan likely won’t get far. He does expect to be called to Washington soon to vote on the package.