Land Conservancy Volunteers To Remove Invasive Plant From Preserves

The Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy will have volunteers out in force this weekend ridding area preserves of the invasive garlic mustard. It says they have been at it for weeks, but the operation set for this Saturday and Sunday will be one final push before the plant sets seed, and the organization has received four matching donation opportunities for every bag of garlic mustard pulled. The goal is to pull 100 bags of mustard seed from the preserves. Anonymous donors are offering $6 per large rubbish bag up to 100 bags of garlic mustard pulled from any Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy preserve this weekend. Those who help can just email the conservancy a photo of the bags they’ve pulled, along with the number of bags, and which preserve they pulled from. The conservancy has instructions for identifying and removing the mustard seed at its website. The preserves where volunteers are invited to work include Black River Preserve in Van Buren County, Hickory Creek Preserve in Berrien County, and Kesling Nature Preserve in Berrien County. You can find out more right here.