MPSC Launches Maps Of WiFi Hotspots Around Michigan


The state has rolled out a map of public WiFi hotspots throughout Michigan. The program was spearheaded by the Michigan Public Service Commission to help people get access to internet during the COVID-19 pandemic. MPSC Commissioner Tremaine Phillips tells WSJM News nearly 30% of Michigan students don’t have access at home.

“We know that there are a number of households across the state of Michigan that do not have access or have not adopted broadband service,” Phillips said. “So we wanted to have this hotspots map in order to know where these locations are.”

Phillips says the state map will be updated on a regular basis. It has more than 300 locations right now.

“Most of the locations on our map at current are public buildings. So libraries, schools, other places, but we also have added private providers and private companies put forth locations as well.”

Phillips says many locations, like libraries, have increased the range of their routers so people can use the internet from their parking lots. That’s part of the goal of the new hotspot map, to make it safe for people to use internet outdoors while social distancing. You can find the hotspot map right here.