Paw Paw Public Schools Announces New Team Name

Paw Paw Public Schools has announced its new district team name. After the district dumped the Redskins in March, discussions started on what the new mascot will be. This week, the district announced it’s going to be the Red Wolves, assuming the name is approved by the board of education. The name will be officially presented by student members of the Nickname Task Force to the Board of Education for adoption on July 13, along with recommendations of images to be adopted. The district received more than 700 submissions and thousands of votes as a new team name was sought. It says the Nickname Task Force agreed the chosen nickname and imagery needed to be respectful, inclusive, and non-controversial, and also had to bring people together in a unique way. Paw Paw Superintendent Rick Reo says he’s pleased to support the recommendation of the Red Wolves to the board.