Retailers Struggle With Unruly Shoppers

Now that employers that are reopening for business, they have a new concern during the pandemic — hostile and unruly customers. Paul Beasinger owns Keene Training and Consulting and says he’s been swamped with employers reaching out to ask for training and advice. Beasinger told Michigan News Network he teaches de-escalation, which involves having empathy for the customer who refuses to social distance or wear a mask.

“Whether you’re talking about active listening skills or tone of voice or posture or how to communicate with people, it’s about human interactions, the fundamental truths of human interactions with people about showing respect,” Beasinger said.

However, Beasinger says if push comes to shove, it’s important to avoid a physical confrontation and instead call the police. Businesses have a right to refuse service to those who don’t wear a mask and if the customer doesn’t leave, that’s trespassing. Beasinger is offering a free training webinar on Thursday at 2 p.m. on the Michigan Retailers Association website.