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Amtrak Train Hits Box Truck In Three Oaks

Amtrak passengers on the Wolverine line had to be taken by bus after the 350 train hit a box truck that was stuck on the tracks in Three Oaks. No passengers were hurt, but Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari tells us their engineer was injured by debris that same in through the front window of the train. The crash happened on North Elm Street, just north of US 12 this morning. Magliari tells WSJM News he’s not sure how severe the train engineer’s injuries are. The train is the Wolverine line that runs from Chicago to Pontiac.. ...Read Full Story

New AG Wants To Settle Lawsuit Over Same-Sex Adoption

From the Associated Press — Under new leadership, the Michigan attorney general’s office is in talks to settle a lawsuit by same-sex couples who say their rights have been violated by faith-based adoption agencies that don’t want to work with gays and lesbians. A federal judge granted a 30-day timeout Thursday for negotiations between the American Civil Liberties Union and Attorney General Dana Nessel. During the fall campaign, Nessel told The Associated Press there’s “no viable defense” to a 2015 law signed by then-Governor Rick Snyder. The law says faith-based groups can refuse to provide certain services if they conflict with their beliefs and still get tax dollars. Nessel, who is a lesbian, said the only purpose is discrimination. Groups such as Catholic Charities and Bethany Christian Services are paid by the state to place children from troubled families with new families.. ...Read Full Story

Town Hall Updates Public On Lead Issue In Benton Harbor

The city of Benton Harbor is working with Berrien County and the state of Michigan to address elevated lead levels found in some homes around the community last year. The city detected the problem in October, and since then about 320 residents have brought in samples for testing. About 50 of those had elevated lead levels. At a town hall Thursday, the Berrien County Health Department’s Nicki Britten said anyone who is concerned should flush their water for five minutes whenever it has not been running for six hours or more. Additionally, the county is providing filters to the homes known to have elevated lead levels starting next week, and it will provide the filters to anyone who wants them starting the week of February 4.. ...Read Full Story

Big Expansion Could Be Coming To Park

Paw Paw River County Park in Watervliet could be getting a substantial expansion. The Berrien County Board of Commissioners on Thursday approved the purchase of 63 acres of property adjacent to the park. Berrien County Parks Director Brian Bailey tells WSJM News the parcel owned by the Enders family is across the river from the island that makes up a large part of the current park. He’s been working with the Enders family to acquire it.. ...Read Full Story

Two Arrested In Cass County Burglaries

Two people are facing charges after police say they were found to be in possession of a large amount of stolen property in Cass County. The Cass County Sheriff’s Department tells us an investigation into several burglaries took deputies to a home on Brownsville Road in Calvin Township last Wednesday. They searched the place and say it was full of stolen property from burglaries and larcenies throughout Southwest Michigan and Elkhart County, Indiana. They say they also found meth. It took police two and a half days to process all of the evidence. Arrested were 32-year-old Sunny Fogg and 35-year-old Amber Biggs, both from Cassopolis. They’re charged with burglary, possession of stolen property, and criminal enterprise. Fogg is being held on $70,000 bond and Biggs is being held on $60,000 bond. Police ask anyone who knows of additional burglaries in the area to contact them.. ...Read Full Story

State Mandates BH Water Plant Work

The city of Benton Harbor has to make some improvements to its water plant as part of a new agreement with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. At this week’s city commission meeting, the relocation of an aluminum sulfate line at the plant was approved following a DEQ order. The work is needed to help maintain water quality and it comes with a price tag of $10,900. Mayor Marcus Muhammad said this project is part of a consent agreement with the DEQ regarding the water plant after the DEQ noticed some issues there.. ...Read Full Story